Through previous user testing on LFconnect.com, we discovered users easily got lost within the site. With the relaunch to Halo.Fitness, we knew we had to re-evaluate the site architecture as new features began being added to create an optimal user experience for our customers.


Users are unaware of the plethora of features available on Halo.Fitness due to lack of clear association and find-ability. We believe that current feature groupings can be improved to more intuitively follow user associations and support additional features without being unnoticed and underutilized.  


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card sort

card sort 1

We had 7 participants, nationally, go through a hybrid card sort with all features currently on the site and concluded the following at a high-level:

  • 100% of users categorized Facility as their home dashboard

  • >50% of users included Equipment, Maintenance, and Service/Support as primary navigation

  • 86% of users classified “maintenance” as upkeep of equipment

  • 86% of users classified “service” as broken equipment and needing technical assistance

card sort 2

We had 31 participants, globally, drill in further on a closed card sort to help us better understand the definition of service and maintenance and concluded the following at a high-level:

  • 77% of users divided service as external help and maintenance as internal upkeep

  • 52% of users suggested having more troubleshooting guidance so internal upkeep is exhausted prior to asking for external help

Free List

Free List.png

To further validate our findings we conducted a free-listing exercise to better understand terminology users are familiar with in relation to certain features.

This was especially helpful when in between category naming such as Insights vs. Stats or Equipment Settings vs. Equipment Customization.

This validation was necessary to better understand our global user base and provide consistency for all, especially with translations.


site map


Based off the research, we began ideating on how we should shift the site architecture to better align with user associations (prior to relaunch).

We also needed to keep in mind our users like gradual change; therefore, we had to be mindful of balancing out the changes (potentially in phases) for better user on boarding.

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Halo Fitness Cloud

With the relaunch of the website, we had a lot of data to back up our placement decisions of new features as an interim site map.

We were able to define each category and place features accordingly. For instance, “Equipment Settings” referred to any customizations that could be applied to the equipment.

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tree test

Although we had plenty of research to back up the site architecture choices with the relaunch, further validation always helps. Therefore, we set up a tree test focusing on service vs. maintenance (area of most confusion for users).

Out of 14 global users:

  • 71% associated terms such as equipment down or out of service to “Service”

  • 64% associated terms such as equipment preventive care to “Maintenance”

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Key Takeaways

  • We validated our site map, but as our user-base is not keen on many updates at once an interim version was released first and we will push out our site architecture updates on a rolling basis.

  • As we continue these enhancements, we have analytics in place to continue validating our site architecture and updating as necessary, which will work in conjunction with user research and testing for other features on the platform.